Press center

Press center is a structural subdivision of the company that answer on questions:
— Showing activity of the company in Mass Media
Information support of the company on forums, exhibitions and seminars.
Organization of operational interaction with press-offices of our partners.
— Archives keeping of electronic data.

Press-conferences and informational meetings.
Actualization of data on corporate site.

An offer for a cooperation:
We offer for a cooperation Mass Media, organizations and private individuals — everybody, who is interested in the development of Russian business. We are ready to work together!
Right-organized PR-company is the most important thing in every business promotion. It was enough to have a good reputation for business in the past, but it was a long time ago. A positive opinion of your business is really in need for success and it is making while promotion PR-companies.
Our cooperation arouses interest both of journalists and consumers. While forming positive relations with press and becoming famous with the help of mass media, we offer to increase the chances of prosperity.

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